Resume Level Sequence via Blueprint

Dear All,

my problem is, I think really easy, but I am a really beginner to BP.


I reduced my problem to a small level: There are two spaces: Trigger A and Trigger B and the borderline between.
If you go into Trigger A space (from Player Start Position in Trigger B space), the blue ball will move.
If you go after that into the Trigger B space back,
the orange ball will start to move and the blue ball is paused.

**And here comes my problem: **

If you would go back again into the Trigger A Space, the *blue ball should start from its paused position.
(of course the other way around the orange one also).

So as you can see in the BP, I could set most of the stuff, but by the branch (If Sequence Player is paused) is true, I don’t know how to get the paused time and resume/ continue the Level Sequence from its paused position.

Do I have to use a float or time variable and how can I set and get it or am I totally wrong? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your attention

Best wishes

So whoever is interested in the solution. I fixed it out myself:

Here we go:

Hello there

Thank you for posting the solution, I am trying to the same but its just a normal play, pause, resume button. However I don’t know where to get the position node from, how can I access it?