Restructure Engrams

I’ve been attempting to restructure the crafting system and have come across quite a speedbump. This may be a simple question and I just have overlooked what I need to change or its something that isnt possible.

Id like to discuss how one would change engrams from learning a single craft to learning entire crafting sets. Ie Cloth Armor Engram teaches how to craft the entire cloth armor set. Primitive tools engram would be all primitive tools etc. I would like to leave blueprints as they are, single print, single craft. However, i dont want to have the one engram give one crafting. You select craft cloth armor and poof! All cloth armor made. 1 engram learned, 5 crafts become availabe.

I understand what you’re wanting to make, please note this wouldn’t be a walk in the park.

First off, replacing the current engrams is a must and I’ve heard the Master Item List is now redundant (where all of the default engrams are located).

I’d say creating new engram entries with unique icons and names altogether is a must which should be configured to unlock multiple engrams at once as well… While also removing the default engrams altogether.

There might be an easier way of doing this but I can’t think of any alternatives.

I don’t know if you can quite do what you want, but you could always gate them on either a new/dummy crafting engram (say, cloth fabric). For example:

Cloth fabric: 50 engram points, requires nothing other than level
Cloth boots: 0/1 (0 if possible) engram points, requires cloth fabric
Cloth hat: 0/1 engram points, requires cloth fabric


Could make cloth fabric, hide panels, chitin plates, etc… to tie the entire set to, and then parent the current recipes to them. It’s not quite what you want (which would probably require overriding a base engram set from scratch, and even then wouldn’t necessarily be possible).

Similarly, I’d like to do something similar with construction, where learning to construct walls would give you, say, a stone wall, a stone half wall, a stone slanted wall, etc… (for advanced construction aesthetics; unfortunately these things would need new meshes and such too). Ideal would be the ability to build multiple items from a single engram, but at the moment there’s no UI for that or anything else, and I don’t know if it’s possible to parent a selectable list with a single engram.

Presently engram blueprints are designed to only provide one item (the engram) to the player’s inventory to be able to be used for crafting. What you could potentially do to accomplish this is to find an event that is called when the player picks up your cloth set engram and via blueprint graph provide the rest of the armor set to them. Alternatively, you could likely create a new item that is a box and in its inventory is the complete cloth set (would be an interesting way to introduce RNG quality in this system too since it could behave just like a spawn crate).

You can definitely make 0 cost engrams.
If you make the other engrams depend on your custom base engram you can do what you want.

I have to agree with grim, the “easiest way” would be to have everyone start at lvl 1 with 500 or so engrams, then they have to purchase that engram that gives them a class. From there, just make every engram require a specific class engram to go with it. I would highly recommend you give some kind of information to the player so that they will know WHAT engrams they will be able to use with each class.

Agreed. the “best” approach I think

I would suggest you to take different aproach to the problem. Make new engram and item called Cloth Set. This way you will craft complete item called Cloth Set that on use will give you 5 cloth pieces.
I don’t know if this would work for what you want to do. But I don’t think it is possible as of right now to make 1 engram unlock 5 items as 1 item = 1 engram right now.