Restructure code: Best way to move "stuff" from parent into child class?

I want to restructure some of my Blueprints. Over time I’ve put to much into my “PlayerCharacterBase” Blueprint. Now I like to create some specialized child classes and put part of my code and components only into those childs. What is the best way to do this? Just copy and paste and make sure everything is still correctly connected? Or is there a better way? Some “Duplicate this part from the parent to child” or something?

Generally playercharacter should just include basic stuff, like movement and so on. Other than those you should use UActorComponents like inventory, interaction, grabber etc etc.
And then you can add those components freely to the actors for reuse.

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I think you’ve pretty much got it.

well, all depends on what you’re doing. Components have their own issues.

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Its normal to disagree. But it wouldnt be much constructive comment unless you have an advice for all of us. Please elaborate more on “depends”