Hello. I would like to show you Official Announcement Trailer for upcoming MMOFPS.
More informations coming soon.

Facebook :


Quite visually attractive. Im looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Nice work!

Some new screenshots :






hate to be that guy but those decals are from soul eater. As in they are owned by Funimation, who own the licence in the U.S. be careful, Funimation are not nice about using their stuff.

Which decals ? :slight_smile:

I think he is referring to the graffiti on the walls - they look like they would be done with decals…


Soul eater!!!

I’m still not sure what he meant.
Anyway graffiti on the walls are just from Internet, not seen any copyrights on it.

Can you guys please chill about the decals? They are not directly copyrighted. That’s just taken from a fanart related to SoulEater, that’s all.

I am not a FPS fan but I like visuals, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Oh, thats the point :slight_smile:
Like I mentioned, I just wrote in google “Graffiti art” and I just took some graffitis from walls. Not watching SoulEater and didnt know that might be from it.