Restoring Game Content Without Backup/Broken Mannequin

I am rather new to Unreal Engine, and am making my first decently-sized project now. I was using the default mannequin until I could get around to replacing it. Upon importing a mesh that I thought would work, I accidentally imported it without a skeleton, tried and use the default skeleton, and ended up somehow changing the default. Several times now I have tried importing the base mannequin, the skeleton, as well as a host of other assets I thought might be the problem, but it still does not display the default animations, except for some weird head bobbing. Finally, I gave up, and decided it might be better to start a new third person project, and migrate all content besides the mannequin from the first over. I wanted to ask if anyone knew anything about this before hand, because I have already just been making my mess worse and worse. Thank you.