Restore sample project/New Sample

I have been working with ACF (Ascent Combat Framework) trying to import my character to use with the plugin. When I try to retarget animations, the montages, anim bp and functionality get destroyed (disappearing animations namely from the Aim offset blendspace is causing major issues). The plugin requires this to work (at least for what i want to do) so theres no getting around it. The actual problem is I want to start over. i deleted the old project and redownloaded the sample project again. Only to find that the same problems exist. Its as if i never deleted it. (assets are no longer there which is to be expected.) But now I have an error in the aim offset blendspace in that its missing the animations that make the blendspace. I cant add them back and have no resources to learn how to fix this problem, hence why I want to start fresh with a new sample. The author said redownloading it should work but it does not. He mentioned that i could be overriding the same folder. Im a bit confused here seeing as I completely deleted the project. I even reinstalled the plugin. How do I get the files back? Thank you. 4-27