Restore Project

Hi I don’t know where to post, but I hope some of you can help me. I worked on a project, but sadly I had to reinstall Windows and lost my project. Luckily, I own an early version ( packaged ) of my project and my question is if I can restore my project from that packaged version and how.

It’s impossible to restore , imagine if all the games made and sold with unreal engine could have the source code accesed. Try to use dropbox or googledrive to store your game before reinstalling windows or save it on another drive. Unreal by default is selecting the Documents folder to save your projects try to change it allways to a drive different from the Primary drive

However, there is a difference between source code and assets…
While it would be indeed next to impossible to extract game logic etc, it could theoretically be possible to extract assets like textures and meshes, etc.

well he wanted to restore the project so i guess he wasn’t thinking about the assets