"Restore" process causing issues in Editor

I just wanted to report some issues caused by the Restore process after launching a project from the UE4.

First, I can never Restore anything, so I just have to Skip Restore all the time.

Second, after skipping Restore, I sometimes get a bug where I cannot do anything in the Editor (no second in-Editor Restore process occurs as it should in that case). Can’t move the camera in the 3D viewport, can’t navigate into the Content Browser - when I click on folders, the same content is displayed. So I have to close and restart UE4.

Third, I have most of the time an annoying small Restore info bubble on the bottom right of the Editor that i can’t get rid of. When I click on either Skip or Restore, it just stays.

My Engine version : 4.21
My OS : Windows 10 64 Bits

Hey there - would you please add your experience into a bug report with more details for our teams to investigate?

Apart from the initial restore after a crash (which has never worked for me since I started in 4.17, I believe is a source control thing which I don’t use

I noticed, (sometimes) if you click the “restore” tabs button on the bottom right, too fast, right at editor startup it will do this. Also, sometimes when other warnings/error popups show up right as the editor first opens.

Basically, if you give it some time before you click ANYTHING, you should be good. Especially, when you get popups and warnings right when you open the editor.