Restore open editors not working?

I turned this option on but it’s still not restoring the open windows when I relaunch. I’m running from visual studio if that makes a difference.

Visual studio does make a difference. If you want to restore the last editor session, you need to close the editor properly (Alt+F4 or clicking the cross in the top right) and not by stopping the executable execution from Visual Studio, as the editor only stores the layout during shutdown.

Ok. I’ll give that a shot. Thx.

I’m still not seeing any difference. Maybe this doesn’t do what I want which is: re-open all the BP editors I had open in the same positions and size.

Editors are usually saved into folder “slot” for later recovery. Includes a Show Saved Editors direction (restoreEditors.showQuickEditors) with an alternate route of ctrl+k ctrl+e (cmd+k cmd+e on macOS) to show a speedy pick menu of the at presently saved editors. Hope this helps.

UE 4.24.2 isnt reopening tabs after restarting again and " Restore opened tabs" is enabled. Is this another bug? What gives? this is getting extremely annoying. Having to search for them again when this use to work on other versions. It’s bad enough dealing with the constant crashes for no apparent reason especially on a high end system. Can someone shed some light on this?

I’m having the same issue!

I am also having the same issue! Used to work on a previous version but since updating to 4.24 it just stopped behaving correctly. Anyone know what can be done?

Same issue here unfortunately, it’s painful losing all those open windows - there’s just no “restore open tabs” option

Same issue. The option is there for me and after ticking it on it now work sometimes, but rarely. Using 4.24.3

My solution to this has actually been to do what you think you shouldn’t: Kill the Editor in Task Manager
I"m guessing this only works after an auto-save or something that saves the Editor state so it knows what was open, once it sees that it wasn’t closed properly it will prompt to re-open every time. If I just use the X and close the editor (not even launching from VS either) it wont prompt, but I noticed that anytime my editor froze (a bug that happens because of remote desktop) and I had to kill it, I always got the prompt to reopen windows, so now I just kill it sometimes if I really want my windows back…

This should be fixed in 4.25 :slight_smile: