Restore Open Asset Tabs on Restart

If the editor crashes for some reason (which is normally 3 or 4 times a day), the option to Restore Open Asset Tabs on Restart (under General - Loading & Saving in the Editor Preferences) seems to reset itself back to unticked. So I have to go back into the settings every time and tick it again. I haven’t tried this yet in 4.11, but I had the same problem in every previous version, so I assume it is still the same there too.

Hi wilberolive,

I was able to reproduce this in the UE 4.11 preview and have entered the following bug report: JIRA [UE-24966]. When this issue is resolved, you will be notified by an update to this post.

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I just did want to let you know that it also affects 4.12 and 4.13 previews so far (since the issue on the tracker only lists it for 4.10/11)


Thanks for the feedback. We assume bugs are still present until actively resolved and tested. In other words, a bug reported in UE 4.4 is assumed to still be present in UE 4.13 until the report is officially closed.

The bug is still existent in UE 5.0! 6 years were not enough time to fix this very annoying issue?

Why not simply remove this option as it is obviously unsupported?

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What the hell?! This is one of the most annoying bugs in UE5 and it was already reported six YEARS ago and the engine devs say “won’t fix because it’s been… too long”?!

Err… Is that a joke?

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I ended up writing a plugin for this issue:

The plugin remembers your currently open tabs every time a new asset is opened so in the event you aren’t prompted to restore your session by the engine, you can restore what you want from the plugin’s automatic backup.

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This is happening to me in UE 5.2.

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