Restore destructible mesh

i want to make a destructible mesh to self-restore,
break a floor or wall and after some delay it should repair itself.

i would like to control it using a blueprint timeline node so i can play the destruction in reverse

is this posible ?

It’s not possible with blueprints but you could do it with C++ since you can access the chunks directly.

If you don’t want to reverse the destruction then you can just remove it and replace the actor.

i didn’t tried using c++ , i will check that .

i guess this could be a good item for the marketplace.

thank you ZoltanJr

You can reset the Destructable mesh by setting the mesh into the DesctructableMeshComponent again.

Edit: Nevermind you wanted it to play in reverse : (

well its good to know that its posible to restore from blueprints but yes i want to play it in reverse like if the time is going backwards so i will try the c++ way.


Hello guys, I’m also in need to reverse a destructible mesh, did someone resolved this problem ?

I’m implementing reverse destruction. I don’t use standard UE4 DestrMesh but blueprint cubic mesh at the moment. Actually I’m limited by cucib shapes but already testing random shapes like rocks. Check here all my video tests.
Let me know if you are interested.

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