Restitution(bounciness) not working the way I'd expect?

I want to make a very bouncy ball. (One that tends to bounce to AT LEAST half the height it started at.) But I can’t seem to achieve this…

If I set the restitution to 1 (the maximum amount they’ll let me set it to,) the amount the ball bounces is pathetic. It hardly bounces at all… I tried drastically changing other settings, like the ball’s mass, linear velocity, gravity and more, but even these big changes seem to make little to no difference on the bounce.

Also, if the restitution is high, and the ball is too light weight/the gravity is too strong, the ball will vibrate very rapidly on the ground, and it never stops. is it supposed to do that?

Does all this sound normal? It certainly doesn’t work like other game engines I’ve tried.

How can I get the ball to bounce higher?