Restaurant Chaos - Cooking & Restaurant Simulation Game Prototype [Looking for investors]

Greetings everyone! I’m Ali from Turkey.

Restaurant Chaos is a restaurant simulation game where you are actually a head chef, cook and manage your own team, have a dialogue with the customers, and start a story between a mafia-government in Italy with a small story and stay in dilemma with story. We are a small team of 2 people. My friend is a cook from IL, US. The engine version is Unreal Engine 5.

Here are gameplay mechanics I programmed in both of C++ blueprints;

You can design the Front of the House (dining room) in the game.

There are various game mechanics to complete the recipes in the game.

One of them is slicing:



I wrote a recipe system, it is completely dynamic and consists of many components.




There are also guests in the restaurant which you can go in dialogue with them and Serve. IThe story will be progress on from this gameplay mechanics

Here is the 5-min game prototype video:

Currently, I’m solo developer on this project, dealing with animations, 3D props, gameplay mechanics and so on and want to expand the team too. The project is written in C++ mostly and rest of those are blueprints.

I am looking for an investor/publisher for this project. If you are interested with this project, please send me an e-mail:


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