Restaurant/Bar Interior W.I.P

Hey, I would just like some C&C on my W.I.P so far. I would be grateful.

I also have a quick question. It seems that when I use the High Res Screenshot feature in UE4 that it does not seem to represent the scene accurately. for example the scene would look more saturated, and the bloom from the lights seem to be more intense that it actually is. is there something i’m missing?

Anyway thanks

Just a quick update.


lookin good!

Looks good. Your materials, especially the sofa and the flooring are very good.

Only things I would critique.

1). There seems to be no shading/shadowing around the chairs by the bar.
2). The tables closest to where your screenshot is taken are not lining up with the long sofa. (I think the same is happening on the left side too)

Is this going to be for sale int he marketpalace?

Hi Guys thanks for you reply’s

It is aligned I think its just a skewed camera angle because i used the “Print Screen” in windows.

I don’t really have any plans to do so as this is just a personal project, but if people like it enough ill make a submission.

I’m working on some assets for the scene will post something new soon.

So. I been busy but been working on some assets for this scene, I’m about half way though one of them so just thought I would post a quick update. this is Hi Res mesh so far.

C&C Welcome


Looks really nice, I love the lighting and mood. Can’t wait to see more. =)

Your alcohol can use some more colors. It looks like your bar has a lot of different bottles of the same drink! The bar is has a lot of light focus on it so you’d want the area to be more interesting.
A quick google image search of the word bartender gives me stuff like this. Bottle shapes, color, different color labels, even the amount of alcohol left in the bottle.


I really love the mood and the lighting! Good job! :slight_smile:
Might I ask what software/tool you are using to texture?


Hi Nilix

You are defiantly right about the bottles, the ones I have right now are just simple place holders and I will be working on some new models soon, maybe add the feature to deplete the contents, and have the labels swappable. Thanks for the images too they give me some new ideas. I was just looking at references right now that contain an entire scene.
My Master Material is just simple as you can see.

I am also working on new models to make the scene more interesting too. Anyway thanks for you input. 

Hi .m

I am just using Photoshop. Nothing else, I did recently get hold a copy of Substance but maybe I will use that on my next project. I am also using DONTNOD PBR Chart as a reference. That can be found here.

I also have document with a large list of IOR values too. I can share it you want. Anyway thanks for your feedback 

Woaw! Your restaurant looks really nice, I love your interior, lighting and your design too! I hope I can see more :))
Good job & amazing too, dude!