Restart server correctly multiplayer

I’ve started working on end match stuff, and ran into a big bug.

At end of March a server side console command currently does travel to the same map to reset everything, players rejoin but are no longer going through the post login it seems they spawn but not on teams etc. they also cannot move.

I can see this based on character name players lose the network Id etc.

Is there a correct way to make the server just restart a map as if it was loaded for the first time?

Just to expand on this in game state a time float ticks down and when it’s no longer tied and less than zero. It runs the end game screen umg and then ticks some more time and is reloading.

Is this s matter of cleaning out players?

Also found a console reconnect in game will do nearly the same player rejoins and spawns but all his begin play stuff doesn’t seem to happen. So he appears as if not on a team.

After death it updates for all.