Restart() never getting called on client side pawn


I’ve got a simple MP level setup with a couple of pawns that get spawned facing each other, but after updating to 4.25.3 (from 4.25.1) I find that the client side spawn never seems to get possessed (Restart() is never called on the client), so the client camera/viewport is just sat at the origin.

The client side pawns are spawned and sat in the level (I can fly the server side ship past the camera on the client viewport), but the client controlled one just never seems to get possessed!

So far I haven’t been able to determine why.

One weird thing that isn’t really helping, is that if I change focus away from the editor (click on the desktop, or try to put a breakpoint in Visual Studio), Restart() is instantly called on the pawn and everything continues as it should, so I’ve been unable to debug anything because as soon as focus moves to a different app it all works!

I’ve included a couple of screenshots, first pic is when running in the editor, 2 players, Listen Server… and keeping the Editor in focus.

The second pic is when I click on the desktop and move focus away from the editor.

This did not happen in 4.25.1, but I don’t seem to be able to revert back from 4.25.3 using the Epic Installer :frowning: I’ve confirmed by moving the project to another machine with 4.25.1 installed and again, works fine!

I’ll keep at it today, but so far I’m at a bit of a loss, the best I’ve been able to determine is that the client controlled pawn isn’t being possessed, but so far haven’t been able to find out why.

Not sure if anyone has seen anything similar or has any suggestions on something I can check to try to figure out what’s occurring?

Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.