Restart animation clip from beginning when entering transition.

I have “ground” locomotion blendspace connected to “kick” animation clip via transition.

The “ground–>kick” transition is allowed, when “isKicking” is true.

The “kick–>ground” transition is allowed when “AnimationTimeRemainingRatio() < 0.1f”.

The problem is… when animation state machine switches from “kick” to “ground”, and “kicking” is still true, “kick” animation doesn’t restart. Instead execution oscillates very quickly back and forth between “ground” and “kick”. If looping is disabled, animation gets stuck at this point.

How do I start “kick” clip from the beginning when state machine enters “ground–>kick” transition?

I’m still interested in the answer.

Still interested in the answer.

There’s some related info here:

But not much else.

I have exactly the same problem. How did you solve it?

As I mentioned in your previous topic. I suggest using animation montages for 'play-on-demand" animations.