Restart a Niagara System

Hello everyone, I have a simple Niagara particle effect to be played when a player get healed. I added a “Niagara System Component” to my ability and “Activate” it after setting the position of the ability to the character (so it can spawn the particle effects on top of the character). It works fine so far, however, I searched Google on this matter but didn’t come back with anything useful for my case. How can I reset the component so that I can play the same vfx it on multiple character.
Meaning, play vfx on character A → play same vfx on character B → … character C,D,E, etc.
I am aware that I can set the loop behavior to “multiple” and set the loop count to a number, but there could be cases where something can mess up the timing and makes it doesn’t look as good.
My implementation look like this
So I wanted to do something a bit more manual, like, setting the position of particle VFX to char A → Activate Niagara system → Do something else → Go to next iteration when VFX system is destroyed (Iteration 2 will be char B, iteration 3 will be char C, etc.)

The effect I’m trying to achieve is similar to this in Persona 5 (spoiler alert).

Let me know if anyone needs more information, thanks!

It’s much easier to spawn the effect. That way you don’t need to worry about any of this…:slight_smile:

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Dang, I’m over-complicating things that can be done easily as this. Thank you so much for the suggestion.

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