Rest of Behavior Tree Sequence is skipped after task is executed

I have a custom task ‘PerformAttack’ which plays an animation then finishes execution. Ideally I’d want it to wait so that the player can respond and either have the ai attack again ,or reset so i can carry on it’s patrol if the player has ran far enough away.

The issue is, I can’t even get that far because as soon as ‘PerformAttack’ finishes execution, it skips the rest of the leaf nodes in the sequence and moves on to the next sequence.

Below is how I have it set up

I’ve tried to look for documentation on how exactly these nodes behave given what inputs but all I’ve found is some vague ‘this is how you make it, this is what they’re used for’ guides.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi there,
Can you please show how the perform attack task is written? Also, are you finishing it with a “finish execute” node set as true?

I had it set as false, thanks for that! It is working now.

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Awesome. Glad it helped. Keep up the good work.