~~~Responsive Dodge System~~~

I set up a dodge system in blueprints by waiting for a specific key and when the key is pressed it will play the anim montage (it is root motion). What I want to do is when I dodge I would like to control the direction near the end of the dodge as what happens now is:

  • I look forward and press dodge
  • While it is dodging forward I press a different direction and press dodge

What Actually Happens

I keep going forward until I wait a few seconds after the montage is over and then press the dodge key to change direction.

What I would like to happen

After the anim montage finishes playing, it plays again but travels in the different direction

How would I do this?

Anim montages return when they finish. You could store the direction to be played then play it when the montage completes.

Thanks, I was thinking of doing that but I am unsure of how to set the player rotation from movement input so when the montage ends it faces where the keys are pointing to.

I found out how to get the rotation to face the right way. I just hooked up the rotation variable to the last movement input vector node and made it into a rotation.