Responding to the Thursday Twitch TV Shows

Hi Guys,
Here’s a simple idea for the forum. Could we create a news category called “Unreal Engine 4 Twitch TV Shows” and then create a separate topic for each show? This way it would be easy to find information on a specific show. I figure these topics would only be created by Epic and then we could response to them once they have been created.

Epic posted a separate thread for each stream in the Announcements forum so far. It’s a little bit messy, because the threads are mixed with other announcements and they sorted by last response, and not by stream date.

I concur; a weekly discussion thread is done by the Star Citizen community, as well as a separate thread to collect questions ahead of the show.

Thanks for the info. I guess I didn’t notice that they were already doing that in the “news” thread. I still think a separate category for all twitch TV shows would be nice as it would have everything in one place rather than having to search thru all of the news posts just to find the ones about twitch TV.