Respawning with memory

Hey, I’ve created a simple checkpoint system so that if you get a checkpoint and die you respawn at the last checkpoint, and if you restart the game you start from the player start. I also have a health/ ammo system and I’m wondering how I can get the checkpoint to save this information for when I respawn, has I don’t want the health to be regenerated for a checkpoint, only at the beginning of the game. Thanks in advance.

Whenever you pass a checkpoint, access the player and save the information in a SaveGame Blueprint.

Okay thanks for the reply, I’ve never made a SaveGame blueprint before but I’ve tried to do what I believe is right but unfortunately it’s not saving. See the pics for details.

The Save Game blueprint I made simply has the variables that I want to save, the event graph is empty as is the construction script

Up until the ‘set spawn transform’ is what I already had for the checkpoint system that I made, the rest is what I made up that will probably need some tweaking


Well in your blueprint you don’t seem to ever load your save game object.

First check if a savegame exists in the slot you made then make a new save if it doesn’t exist or call the load node to get the save from the slot you made.

Okay if you see the pic, I have saved the game to slot after both outcomes, is this right? Also where should I check if the game exists? Near the beginning of this blueprint I presume? As my first person character blueprint is still just the player respawn position after the death. Thanks