Respawning player via widget

I’ve been trying to respawn the player character via a game over screen. I want it to be that when the player clicks the continue button the character will respawn and the level will start over again. I’ve been following this guide.

Game over widget blueprint


if you want to restart, maybe use only a “open level” would be enough.

When I do that, it looks like this.

game over error.jpg

Oh yes the paper 2d loving spawn ^^ This is a player rotation issue. You may can fix it by set player / camera rotation on start (not sure about the best way to solve it, set a rotation of character on spawn or set the camera on a different angle in character bp))

How do I do that?

personally, i would try, to rotate player character (but it would not work) then i would try to open character blueprint and in, first set camera on the right of the character, second do in event graph : on begin play set actor rotation.
And if nothing works,i would try something else ^^


The problem is spawn transform is not set to anything, a transform is a location and a rotation. (Its probably spawning your pawn at the world origin)

Set spawn transform to something, you probably want your level’s playerstart, so find out its transform and set your spawn transform variable to that.

I’ve set the spawn transform but whenever I click the button to restart the level nothing happens.


I’ve been trying to setup this same respawn BP as well and have not been having any luck. I’ve even tried simply triggering the respawn with a basic keypress and have set the make transform manually. I can’t get it to respawn the character either. If you have any luck please let me know and I’ll do the same!