Respawning actor with Collectible Item

Hey guys,

I’ve been working on a game witch my character must collect a bunch of coin to complete the level. But when he die and respawn, his Collection Item reset to Zero.

Is there anyway for me to Save the “Item Quantity Data” so when he respawn, the Coin Quantity keep being the same Without doing C++ ?

Yep you can use save game for that.

Or you could just save the value in the game instance instead of in the player controller/pawn.

So if i save the data in the Game instead of the character, then i could just keep playing with the " Respawned character " with the new data?!


The save game is there if you want to make a save game file. You can use that if you want the player to reload the game later and have their progress saved, but if you just need the persist while the player is in that level, use the player state blueprint.

When you respawn your player pawn, it is like they never existed before. The new pawn will be completely fresh, but the player state isn’t dependent on the pawn’s life so it will keep anything through death. However, it will be reset when a new level is loaded or when the current one is re loaded.