,Respawned Actor collides with destroyde actor

,I used https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Gameplay/HowTo/RespawnPlayer/Blueprints/index.html to create a simply respawning procedure, i followed every step, and it seemed to work flawlessly at first, untill i decided to kill my character on the spawnpoint, that caused it (I think) to collide with the deleted actor. I added a 0.2 delay between the killActor and the respawn and it solved the bug, but it’s not really how i’d like to solve the problem. The respawn function shouldn’t be run untill the actor is fully destroyed now should it?

Edit: I removed pawn colission (temporarily to make sure it was colliding with it former self, and now it works, so why isn’t the former actor fully deleted before spawn actor runs?)

http://i.imgur.com/yuVdvpQ.png - Destroy Actor event
http://i.imgur.com/aoWEcfx.png - Spawn actor (with delay so it works)