I made respawn system for my game (multiplayer) but if server kill someone killed player should respawn but in my case (If server kill someone I get that problem. That does not happen if I am using client window) server get respawn instead killed player.

Character blueprint:

Game mode:

Game mode:

Hm, just some notes here that i see: The RunOnServer Event in the Character Blueprint makes the function run on the Server.
The one in the “GameMode” can and should be a normal Event, not a replicated one. The GameMode DOES NOT exist on clients.
If you call “GetGameMode” on a client, you will get a NULL pointer. And coming from this, the “SwitchHasAuthority” node is also
redundant in your GameMode, since only the Authority has this GameMode and can call functions on it.

Maybe this solves your issue. It would also be helpful to see where you are calling the Unposses event of your Character. Just to
have a complete view of what is going on.

I will drink my coffee (just woke up) and will look back into it with the additional screenshot (: Maybe i see the problem then.

Changing custom event in game mode to not replicated does nothing but I made another system and now it works.(When player is killed visibility is set to hidden and after few seconds it is teleported to random location on the map and his health is set back to 100%)

good morning :slight_smile: