Respawn system

I am trying to get the actor to respawn a second after being destroyed in the same location that it was destroyed in.



DestroyActor node should be the last thing you call. Since your calling it for Self, as soon as it is called your Actor is then Pending Kill and does not exist, it can no longer execute logic past that DestroyActor node.

Also, since your Destroying the Actor, any logic that you have inside that Actor that is attempting to “Respawn” that very same Actor will no longer work since it doesnt exist anymore.

You need to have a seperate Manager type object (possibly a GameMode?) that will do the respawning for that Actor once its been destroyed and needs to be respawned again.

This is on AnswerHub right? I saw a question similar.

The suggestion given on there was not to Destroy the Actor, there’s no need if your just going to respawn it. Just hide the mesh when it’s picked up, and after the timer, show it again.

Yup, hide mesh OR teleport it somewhere under the world or where the player can’t see it, and after a short delay, teleport it back. The problem with hide, is if it has collisions on…more calls, when you can just TP it in and out.