Respawn selection shows up before character selection

Hey guys,
I have this weird issue with my TC that the respawn screen shows up before the character creation screen shows up. It’s the server thinks an character already exists. Does anyone know how to get rid of this strange behaviour?

Edit: I have the same issue in my second independent test TC aswell.

That’s the screen that shows up before the character creation:

Wish I could help with that one - I could guess at a few things, but I’ve not created a TC yet.

Seems like almost every TC in the contest has the same issue. Only Age of Ark solved it somehow. I asked the author if he could help me. Let’s see if I get an answer.

Btw: I fixed it in a really dirty way by modifying the widget itself. I would not recommend that but there were only a few hours left for the contest. :smiley: