Respawn Player in Blueprints tutorial from ... out of date or not working

Hi there,

This is the second time that i encountered a error where the tutorial is not working as it is shown in the tutorial. It seems like you need to update the Tutorials on

All the best guys

You really need to follow the instructions to the letter, now I know why this can be confusing as the image is cropped and doesnt give you an overall context, it should really be a gif so you get an understanding of how its created.

You need to drag from the character reference or youre trying to Bind an Event from the GameMode instead. This is why Character is not compatible with the Self reference because Self in this case is of type GameMode. You need to delete your current bind and then replace it with one you get from dragging from Character.

Hope that makes sense, cool.

Hi Mons,

Thank you very much and yes it is a little confusing specially if you are trying to learn how ue4 works.
I guess those are the kind of mistakes newbies like me are making and I will follow your instruction and retry.
The instructions could be a little clearer on the website.

Thanks again

I agree its not easy to know whats going on when youre new to the BP editor as it tries to help by being context sensitive so its a matter of getting used to the flow. Once you get used to it you’ll understand why things work a certain way and why thats a good thing.

Anyway give it a go, Im fairly sure you’ll get it sorted but if not I can make a gif to show you. If you get it going dont forget to mark the question as answered :slight_smile: