Respawn object

Hello and good day,

I have an issue with respawning an object that is lost from a higher ground. When or if the player loses it, the object overlaps with a “killzone” blueprint object. The object is then respawned at a specified location and plays a sound after completion of the event. This happens fine when the object overlaps the killzone, but the second time the event fires only the sound plays to signal that the event has been completed. Can anybody please help me?

I have also tried a gate solution like this: [CLICK HERE][1]

I would really appreciate any help!

Here is a screenshot of the blueprint:

The reason that will only trigger once is simple, you no longer have a reference to the object. Based on what I’m seeing, you’re performing this in a level blueprint with straight references to the objects placed in the level.

Your “Orange Box” is a straight reference to the one placed in the level. That’s it.

The moment you destroy that box, that reference is now null. Every time you trigger that event, it will fail that cast for that reason.

After you spawn your new “Orange Box” you need to assign it as a reference for your event to check. You should change your cast to no longer look at the “Orange Box” placed in the level, but a reference instead. Update that reference on begin play to look at the one that is placed in the level. Then, every time you create a new box, set it as the new reference.

Thank you so much @MajinSephiroth , that really worked! I rewrote the blueprint to use a tag system like, the actor has tag “Orange Box”. And did not have the object to be in the level, but rather spawned it at event begin play.