Respawn in multiplayer

Hi, how can I make a respawn system in blueprints?
I did a Death event from the Event Any Damage, but I can’t get the Player Controller of the damaged actor.
Is there a way to do it?
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried this?:

Yes, but I need the controller of the killed pawn. How can I get it?

Isn’t that just “Self”? You do this in the PlayerController. They just use “Self” to reference the PlayerController.

You could create an Input for your Custom Replicated Event. Just add an Input at the bottom left option window when you have selected the red version of the RequestGMRespawn node and make a PlayerController Variable for the input.

Rightclick the blue event node and select something with “Update”, so that the blue one get the inputs updated. Than plugin “self” to the blue input and red outcome for your Respawn event.

Although i don’t think this is necessary since they don’t do it this way :X

If on the Death event I use Un Possess with the Get Player Controller as target, it unpossesses the killer player, not the killed player.

But why? :smiley: Normaly a player dies if he hits 0 or less with his health. That is done inside the PlayerCharacter. So you can just get HIS PlayerController and use your OnDeath event with it if the PlayerCharacter reaches 0 HP.

I did this:

And the death event needs your PlayerController? Make an input for it like i said 2 comments ago and pass the PlayerController to the event.

But I can’t do that, because before the death, there is an animation played on the Anim Blueprint, and when the animation ends, the Animation Blueprint calls an event on MyCharacter, where the player goes on ragdoll.