Respawn Ideas

What are some respawning ideas for characters after they “die” in a multiplayer game?

I have tried respawning to a random place on the map. It works, but its kinda boring.

My game is snow themed. I was thinking maybe having characters “slide” back in from a hill or mountain.

I just don’t want the respawn spots to be easily determined. Cause then other players can just wait where you are respawning and quickly kill you again. However I also don’t want the players respawning too far either.

Anyone have Interesting ideas for respawning? Floating in is too “fortnitey” LOL (however i do like the control of where a player “decides” where to go after respawning.

Need more info about your game mode and the level size. But I will spill a lil info to chew on.

For an effect/entrance how about spawning a destructible snowman, then spawning the character inside it? Kinda cool for a snow themed game.

Spawning in to instantly die has been one of the most hated things in every shooter I’ve ever played. It’s also one of the biggest complaints from their communities. Static spawns absolutely suck in this regard. They are easy to memorize and abuse.

If it’s DM/TDM take a look at how some of the classic AAA shooters did it. CoD, BF, MOH, UT, Quake, CS/CSS etc.

CoD (1- WaW) used a grid based system (4 quadrants). Each quadrant had static spawn points. You’d respawn at the furthest quad from the bulk of the enemy players.

1 ] 2 ]
3 ] 4 ]

e.g. If the majority of the enemy team (%) was in quad 1, then you’d spawn at quad 4.

A variant would be to have 3 variables. Quads (array, actor ref), Quad Index (int, default 0) and Quad Percentage (int/float, default 100).

For each loop the quads array, get overlapping actors of class (players) -> calc percentage of enemy team in quad (loop, use team identifier). If percentage is less than current, set “Quad Percentage” and “Quad Index”.

On completed (for each) set percentage to 100%, use Quad Index for the spawning quad… Quads → get copy(Quad Index).

You can take this a few steps further by having each quad sub divided and run the same process with it. Once you have your finalized quad pick a static spawn point inside the quad or go all in with random.

WOW! Thanks so much for that! I kind of like the snowman concept. Maybe Ill have the players spawn as a snowman first. Find a place to actually spawn in to battle, like find a safe place while hiding (obviously having multiple snowmen on the board as decoys,. and when they are read they can spawn. It’ll actually implement sort of a 2 fold mechanic. 1 Sneak attack after spawn for an advantage for the player that got killed 2. Stealth from enemies pre spawn =D

The other idea seem excellent too. IM trying to keep it simple for now LOL im still a newb

Its basically an FPS with currently a 1v1 battle on a fairly small level. approx 2,000 Unreal Units by 2000 Unreal unit.


The aforementioned spawning logic is actually really easy to code.

20m x 20m level is hella small … was 2K uu a typo? 20K sounds closer to a normal dm/tdm level size.

This is a 20mx20m platform (2,000uu x 2,000uu)

Hmm my math is wrong then.

This is my landscape design I started working on. So you are correct it is def not 2000 uu. I am not sure how to calculate the UU then. might be closer to 10k then maybe?

I am designing smaller to start since a. it is 1v1 and 2 my focus is game mechanics and function first then level design.

Go into Orthographic view (Top). Bottom left corner will give you scale.

Thanks so much! I learn something new every day with you :wink: