Respawn Error, Please Help i think this would be a simple fix for skilled vets! :)

This video shows my BP and the error i am having, basically when the client kills the server it works perfectly but if the server kills a client it completely messes up :frowning:

thats fun how you did show everything, even how innoficient your test system for testing and how some of your blueprints work, besides actual respawn function, which is might be problematic as well :smiley:
why you deal damage and set is dead on all instead of only on server and not just detect “dead” changes on all and enable ragdoll? Why spawn is not handled by game mode instead of player controller and left it only for server side. Also why your controller bp and character use get player controller 0 instead of “self” or “get pawn controller (self)”, “controller 0” is local controller #0 (split screen for 1 2 3).

i’m a little confused with what you’re saying, i’ve only been using unreal for a few weeks sorry, can you show me an example of how to setup the respawn on gamemode if you have time please :slight_smile:

You Need to rewatch networking videous on youtube.
herei made fast update and added respawn functionality, its not perfect.

Thank you very much sir, that worked perfectly :slight_smile: