Respawn Character UE 4.10.0

Good Day fellow UE4 users,

I am currently doing my Master Degree Project and it is a level for Oculus Rift. But I am really, really bad at understanding the blue print system because all my programming skills are not enough to do a simple “Hello world” and I must say, that my mind is blocking everything which contains programming in it. The problem is, that my project needs at least some simple Blueprints.

There are enough Tutorials on the web and I watched them, but there are differences because of the UE4 Versions (why change some blueprint commands with every version? This is not logical for me). So long story short - I need to respawn my character on the last checkpoint every time he falls under -5000 on the Z-Axis (changed already in the world settings to Kill Z -5000).

I used the blueprint system from this tutorial, but it isn’t working for 4.10.0 Version and I am really frustrated.

My attempt on BluePrints so far:

The Checkpoint blueprint:

And the VR-Player blue print (node attachment doesn’t work like in the tutorial) :

I just can’t find the solution to get this all working. I’ve got a triggerbox with the checkpoint blueprint and if I set a Key like “f” to destroy my character - he respawns like he should, but if my character falls down he doesn’t return to the last checkpoint.

If there is a faster way to just place a huge trigger box under my level and let the player respawn by overlapping with it, I would love to see a solution.

If you need any more information, just let me know.
Huge thanks to you for your help in advance!