[RESOVED] Debug Symbols to help with an engine crash?

Hi all,

Up until now I have been developing using the standard UE4 binary version of the engine. From this installer I was selecting options and installing the Debug Symbols. If i had an engine crash with my game due to an invalid pointer etc I used to get a nice UE4 window showing debugging info… ie which class and line etc.

Now that i’ve switched to the Source version i’m not getting this… crashes are just showing a windows window with ‘Fatal Error’ message, nothing else.

How can i get the same functionality with the Source version?

I’ve tried building our project as Development-Editor and DebugGame-Editor but there isn’t any difference. After I build the engine from source i normally run it from the folder/binaries as this seem to run fast than through VStudio.

Any pointers please, where am i going wrong?

Best Regards,


I seem to have the functionality i require from running the Editor with a Debug process from within VS.