Resources not fading

Created a new map and when played in single player mode, resources fade perfectly fine. When I uploaded it to my server, resources no longer fade after being harvested. Large rocks and trees can be walked through after harvest but image does not fade. Any ideas?

Try using actor.sethidden or component.setvisible (im not not sure)

It’ll be something to do with replication. I can’t say exactly what because I’ve never really played around with map building or resources or anything of that ilk but make sure your resource rocks are replicating to the client! Otherwise they’ll get beat up on the server and you can walk through them (movement appears to be primarily determined by the server) but they’ll still show clear as day on the client side. I had this problem with getting custom built doors to open and close. Work fine in singleplayer, but un-replicated, they open and close correctly on the server side but look like they’re still firmly shut for all the clients, even though they can walk right on through 'em. Lemme know if there’s any questions you have from there, will do my best to help! :slight_smile:

I went into my foliage settings and checked to make sure but under every single one that should (the harvestable items), replicate is checked so that shouldn’t be the issue unless its possibly under a different spot that makes those universally replicate on the client side or not as the case may be.

Also, if it makes any difference, I’m not talking about adding new resource items, just the currently used static meshes and foliage settings i.e. ultimaterock01 etc.