Resource not registering in inventory

Hey there,
My problem is that i have created a resource, its called a magic seal, i need to block the engram to stop people crafting my masks inside the chest, however when i spawn the magic seal in, and place it in the chest, the chest doesnt detect it as the correct resource to create the mask, any help is appreciated thank you :slight_smile:

In the inventory bp file look for allow remote crafting and make sure it’s checked

yeah it allows me to craft it, my problem is, i want to be able to use SPAWNED magic seals, so i can just block the engram and give them out as prizes :slight_smile:

you can make them show up as BPs the items and not engrams have u tried that?

the masks show up as blueprints already…its just that when i spawn in a magic seal, and place it in the chest, the inventory does not detect it as a magic seal, so i cant craft the masks

make sure that the seal is set as a Valid crafting resource in its BP

i took the blueprint from polymer so its set up correctly

Can u take a screen of the crafting resource for the item?