[Resource] Gizmodian blade pack


I used one of my favorite resource model packs, and converted the Gizmodian weapons to Ark. In the spirit that they were originally shared, they and everything else I make in this pack is an open resource for modding. :slight_smile:
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And since cooked mod files are essentially useless to another modder, I will upload the source files for you Here

[h1]Gizmodian blade pack[/h1]

This collection features 15 one-hand bladed melee weapons.

They are provided as a modder’s resource; as a learning tool or to use in your own projects.

The Gizmodian blade pack has been a personal favorite for many years. Originally created for Oblivion mods by Gizmodian, these venerable blades have woven their bloody tale across many worlds. Now they are yours, to enforce your will upon the Arks.

[h1]Some details:[/h1]
Each weapon can be learned through a free engram (scroll to the bottom of the list.) Once learned, each weapon can be crafted for one metal. This is fine for use as an example, but will be changed later on. In this initial release, they are each nearly identical to the hatchet in effect. Their stats are largely unchanged. As they are customized they will be tweaked into a tiered progression in line with the base game. Their original Oblivion textures have been applied within a material allowing me additional options and control. I am using the capabilities of UE4 to bring them to life as never before. As I continue to refine this pack I will be upgrading, improving and experimenting with the materials, textures, masks, and effects displayed by these blades. I will be working on customized impacts, sounds, and particle effects to complement them.

Current development focus - resizing, particle effect experiments, and improving materials with masking

8/7/15 - Initial release
8/25/15 - Added BlutKult dagger, fixed error that made both Relics the Relic of Fire, and added vertex animations to both Relics.

I did not make the original meshes and textures - they were created by the artist Gizmodian, from the nexus. They were generously posted as a modder’s resource, and where one of the first things I worked with to learn. I owe a lot to Gizmodian and other modders that provided resources or information I used to learn and train. In that same spirit, any of the textures, materials, effects, blueprints, particles, etc. etc. that I create for them will be added in here for all to use in their own projects. I am also using some core game assets to fuel the vertex animations. These will be replaced with original assets as I move forward. The BlutKult dagger is named for it’s creator, and was also generously posted as a resource mesh. The texture is my first to be released and is likely terrible and will be upgraded (you may all laugh at it, lol.) Uncooked/source files will be provided through another link.

Everything in this mod is a resource, and is freely available for use in your own mods. You only need to credit Gizmodian for the original meshes and textures, any of my creations are merely a bonus. Using these resources does not mean that you may stop another from using them as well. These assets may not be used commercially, they are intended for use in modding. (If you are interested is using something from this pack commercially that would be considered ‘mine’ let me know. I am ok with that, I just need to verify it doesn’t contain anyone else’s work.)


Nicely done.

Awesome job Q!

Wait till you hear about the goodies I got today :slight_smile:

O_o what kind of goodies?!!?!?!?

Right? I still don’t know! XD

He’s being so secretive!!! By the way, I’m looking forward to your knife mod pack Blue!!! Great job importing them! I do hope that you might “tweak” an animation or two to better fit the weapon associated with it (2 handed swords???) That would really put it over the top!

Super cool :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the support guys! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

TheRealAzreal - Animations are something I haven’t delved too far into yet, but I definitely want to alter some animations and make some new ones. I need to do the same in my other mod so I’ll be needing to learn this soon.