Resource-Exhaustion-Detector - ID 2004

Before give you more detals, let me provide you my system and hardware specs: Windows 10 Single Language 64 bit, Intel Core i5 9300H with 2.40 Gzh (turbo boost aprox. 4.10 Gzh), Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 (3GB) GDDR5, Intel UHD 630 Graphics and 1TB HDD. My first crash ocurred after being playing for 30 minutes. I maxed out all graphic settings. Y tried to set all graphics from HIGH to MEDIUM with some advanced settings such as “high”. Compared from the first configuration to this one, my GPU usage was reduced from 92% to 85%., RAM from 82% to 75% and CPU usage remains stable (between 52% and 58%) However, the game crashed again with the message “you dont have enough memory in your video card for extra image detalils…” It was something similar. I don’t remeber the entire message. Now, I tried running the game with MEDIUM graphics resolution and all advanced settings DISABLED. And then, this message gone displayed.Another error message came from Windows Event with the error " Resource-Exhaustion-Detector - ID 2004": Windows diagnosed properly an insufficient virtual memory condition. The following programs used most the virtual memory: InnerChains-Win64-Shipping.exe (568) used 6602964992 bytes, svchost.exe (2680) used 408195072 bytes and avp.exe (4788) used 218308608 bytes.

What is this about? If this is not about a game you developed yourself, you’re in the wrong part of the internet.