Resonant Infinity's Releases (possibly some of the best music on the Unreal Marketplace) and WIPs

A big, warm greeting to all Unrealists!

Short disclaimer: I haven’t really posted much on these forums and I have missed out the announcements about my releases, so I’ll post all of them in this one topic. All the content on my store has been released in the last quarter of 2018 (I have become a seller in August), so it’s not, by any means, outdated.

With almost 15 years of experience as a composer and producer, my main focus on the Unreal Marketplace is to recapture and/or build trust in the quality and power of music through affordable thematic albums, and hopefully establish long-lasting partnerships with any developer who understands and respects the craft that we do and the effort it takes to reach (or get close to) AAA levels of production.

Thus, without further delays, I present to you Cyberpunk Future, an orchestral-synthesizer-modern hybrid concept. Think of Blade Runner 2049 or Deus Ex (HR and MD) and you’ll get the general direction.

UE Marketplace link:…d-future-music

And this is the video preview of the album.

A toast towards your visions and may your dreams reach the realm of (Un)reality!

Another greeting to the Unrealists!

This release is focused on Japanese music and instruments, with plenty of taiko drums, koto, shakuhachi, shamisen and many others, all wrapped up with orchestral flavoring and a deeper approach towards the feel of a samurai’s way of life.

And the album preview

Sweet. I’ll surely check them out. :slight_smile:

Unrealists, the horizons turn crimson!

I present to you Legendary Battles, which is more of a “traditional” album, focused on orchestral themes, sweeping choirs and power percussion to give it a particular… Epic feel. shows himself out

Marketplace link:…-battles-music

And the video preview

Aloha, Unrealists!

Time for another release, with a focus on the orchestra.An album of 15 tracks consisting in suave, dynamic orchestral themes, dipped with soaring string sections, gently-whispered brass and ornamenting woodwinds, plus a soft piano in the background, all in 37 minutes of original emotional undertones.

Unreal Marketplace link:

Video preview

Stay creative!

Greetings again, dear Unrealists!

This time, it’s all about survival in a harsh, desolated world, in this post-apocalyptic themed release. From broken drums and pianos, distorted guitar tones, orchestral elements, and of course, electronic influences, this is great material if you have something involving end-of-the-world scenarios in mind.

Marketplace link:

Video preview

Aloha, Unrealists!

Double release this time, fresh out of the oven.

First one, Retro Racer, which is a combination of melodic, perfectly looping, retrowave-infused, 8 bit-injected tracks, with a touch of modern elements to create a blast from the past! Think of Wipeout meets F-Zero (meets Outrun?).

Marketplace link:


Second one, Silent Chills. It would be a genuine shame to allow the emblematic sound of Silent Hill remain stuck in the tides of time. The album captures and recreates that mechanical, distorted, dark, gritty, hypnotic yet profoundly disturbing vibe, very particular to the legendary horror game.

Marketplace link:


Thank you for listening!

Greetings, fellow Unreal forumers.

Hope you have a rocking 2020 already! After a bit of inactivity, I’ve come back with a bunch of releases which I’ll post below:

**Game Jazz **…ame-jazz-music

Preview video

This album is crafted around the big city vibe, yet always keeping a touch playfulness within it. Big band ensembles, groovy rhythms, soulful keyboards, bold attitude and a touch of retro elements are fused together in this versatile combo of catchy music.

10 original tracks + loop derivations for some of the tracks

Desert Journeys Cinematic Pro…journeys-music

Preview video

“Somewhere amongst the scorching dunes lies a deep mystery…” could be a fair starting description of this album. Full of thick orchestral themes combined with exotic instruments such as duduk, oud, bouzouki and exotic percussion typical of the Far Orient, the album is heavily focused on action-adventure genres with a dash of riddles and hidden secrets.

12 cinematic tracks spanning 27 minutes of original music, ranging from luxurious, triumphant tones to dark, mystery-driven themes.

Retro Music Bundle…o-music-bundle

16 Bit Revival

Retro Racer

Retro Polka

Dust off the classic consoles, grab that retro controller, turn on the CRT TV and let the nostalgia sink in, dude! A bundle full of memories straight from the 90’s, combining retro sounds generated from the sound boards of classic consoles and packaged in a bit more of a modern approach (eh eh, a bit more, get it? shows himself out), to capture and recreate that warm, fuzzy feeling of childhood alongside the Japanese style of melodies typical of the era. A blast from the past!

19 tracks spanning 46 minutes of original music in multiple genres. Since the nature of the material loop-based, this is excellent for in-game background music.

Extreme Speed…me-speed-music

Preview video

Push the pedal to the metal in this blazing hot collection of energetic tracks! Consisting of distorted guitars, electronic elements and processed drums/instruments, it is speed-centric to the bone, designed to infuse adrenaline in your game. Adequate for racing games, extreme sports, fighting games, beat 'em ups, shooters but also other action-based genres as long as the sound is fitting your vision.

74 files spanning 30 minutes of audio, 12 tracks having one full version, a looping version, an intro and two outros/stingers, plus a main looping theme. Since the nature of the album is focused on loops, this is excellent for in-game background music.

Plus two more releases in the following two weeks, so stay tuned. Also if you click on my signature you’ll open my whole catalog on the Unreal Marketplace.

Thank you for your time, for listening and always stay inspired!