Resonance Plugin

Hi, there is an issue with the resonance plugin not working straight away. Instead, the spatialization on the audio component has to be disabled and enabled again to actually make it work.

Steps to reproduce:

  • enable the resonance plugin
  • set resonance on the target platform as spatialization and reverb plugin (the plugin can’t be chosen as occlusion plugin for some reason in UE5)
  • in the scene, add some audio component and make sure to tick “override attenuation” and “enable spatialization” and set the spatialization to binaural and add a new asset under the “spatialization plugin settings array”
  • disable all the other attenuations, so that only resonance should be working
  • to make things simpler, maybe change the values under of the new “ResonanceAudioSpatializationSourceSettings” asset a bit, to hear whether or not it is actually enabled, like setting the pattern to .5 and the sharpness to 2

When hitting play, it will simply play without any binaural sound. When disabling and re-enabling the “enabling spatialization” it works via the resonance plugin (or disabling and enabling the whole audio component).

When changing the “binaural radius” setting, so that the player is inside the radius of the audio, it only seems to use Unreal’s internal “binaural” mode, as far as I could tell.

Maybe someone has an idea how to fix this?