Resonance audio room effects


Did somebody actually managed to use this ?

I’v enabled resonance audio (& restarted editor), in project settings → Platforms → Windows I’v selected Resonance Audio as Spatialization & Reverb plugin.
I’v created two ‘Resonance Audio Reverb Plugin Preset’ assets, and assigned first of them as the plugin default reverb,
in the second one I’v changed room settings to some extremes (all walls from metall, and all scales to max), assigned this to audio volume where all my sounds lives and hit play.
I’v expected to hear some terribly overgrown reverb … but, nothing changes … any idea why ?

Do my audio cues needs some more setup or it should work as it is ? (they are all mono, 3d with linear attenuation & spatialization method is set to Panning).
Do my audio volume need some unreal reverb to be set besides resonance reverb ? (I’v tried this, but still no difference (I hear only the unreal reverb) - no difference betweend resonance on/off).
Thanks for any hints.

OK, I’v dived into plugin code … and it turns out that the spatialization must be set to binaural for reverb to work, and IMHO the reverb settings from audio volumes ignored, only the global reverb is taken into account - with renders this whole feature pretty useless …