(RESOLVED) Why can't I select or delete these assets???

I’m working through one of the projects in the UE Online Learning courses. The downloaded project in the Revit to UE4 course has 5 assets that are completely locked, and I can’t figure out why. As shown in the image, the two sky BPs, directional light, height fog, and skylight are active in the scene, but are totally inaccessible. I can’t select them in the world outliner or in the viewport, which means I can’t even delete them.

Here is what I have tried:

  • opened project in 4.25 and 4.26
  • migrated assets to a new project (the frozen objects were not in the list during migration, so I couldn’t deselect them, but they did migrate and were still locked)
  • completely deleted and reinstalled 4.26 engine

I want any one of the following:

  • be able to delete these frozen assets
  • be able to migrate everything except these assets

This might be something really simple and stupid (let’s hope!), but any help would be greatly appreciated!

Do you have them on another level and locked?

Thanks FrankieV! They were in another level, and while they weren’t locked, I was able to delete them from inside that level, and that deleted them from the rest of my project. I now realize that project used a sort of nested levels structure. Thank you!