RESOLVED: Using UnrealFrontend packing issue

Problem: Default Unreal Icon is used when packaging client up using Unreal’s Frontend utility.

I have been starting to use Unreal Frontend to build my client. I have made certain that I have artwork loaded in ProjectName/ File / package project / package settings / Platforms / Windows / Splash / game icon. My Icon is 256x256 and is an .ico (Like unreals default icon.)

When I run Unreal frontend I get the default unreal icon instead of my custom .ico for my cleanthirdperson.exe though.

Anyone have ideas why?

OK. After many days of poking around. I have resolved this:

When using UnrealFrontend when you build setup to Developer, it does not use the artwork you specify for the game .exe icon. If you change it to Shipping, it does use your custom .ico.