[Resolved] Scale tool does not wok as good as other tools

I’m very disappointed with Scale tool, it’s much weaker than translate and rotate tool. I have a list of broken and left undone features.

  1. Select multiple objects and then activate Scale tool - It’s switching from additive scaling to legacy % scaling, which is breaking old snap scaling :frowning:
  2. Grid for multiple objects can’t be customized so you stick with default values which does not even work correctly
  3. Negative scaling in viewport is broken. After you reach 0 scale you can’t just proceed to scale in same direction to get -1, -2 and so on, you have to move in OPPOSITE direction(In positive) to scale negatively. It’s very hard to do, because at near 0 scaling start to jump by little values and you’re simply stuck on positive axis.
  4. You can’t switch coordinate system from object space to world space
  5. CTRL + LMB/RMB hotkey does not work with scale tool. It works however with translation and rotation tool.
  6. Hotkeys for increase/decrease scale snapping are absent.
  7. You can’t duplicate assets with ALT + Scale. Works with ALT+ Translate/Rotate.

Hi zeOrb,

I’ve entered several feature requests for the list above:

UE-12130, UE-12131, UE-12132, UE-12135

For number 2, you can already change the grid values that you utilize for your snap values in the editor preferences>viewports submenu:


Did you mean something else?

Hey Adam, thanks!

Yeah, I’m talking about grid for multiple-object-selection-scale, it has unique grid setup which you can’t modify

Also I’ve updated list with another problem:

Hey zeOrb,

Thank you for the suggestions on how to better Unreal Engine 4. I have submitted a couple of feature requests for you: UE-12169 & UE-12174.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Bumping this up, I hope at least something goes into 4.9

Negative scaling in the viewport works fine in current promoted branch (4.9.0)

Confirmed, negative scaling is fixed, thanks!

Everything else is still alive, so BUMPETY-BUMP: UE-12130, UE-12131, UE-12132, UE-12135, UE-12169 & UE-12174.

Also I’ve noticed that scaling in Blueprint Viewport is showing interface for additive scaling, but actually uses legacy % scaling. To reproduce - choose 0.5 scale value and scale back and forth - your mesh will shrink each time because you’re taking a percentage of current mesh, not pure 0.5 values.

In 4.11 all important issues from this post were fixed so yeah, happy panda!
Thanks Epic :slight_smile: