RESOLVED Save Boolean without a "Create Save Game"

When I put the create save game, whenever I finish the level, it gets itself locked again, because the create save game restarts the progress. I’m trying to figure out a way to save the Boolean without the save game and I have no luck.

I found the solution. Apparently I didn’t search the web hard enough XD. apologizes.

Hah! I was going to direct you to this How To guide.

You can create a game instance BP and store that bool variable in it. Then when you finish the level, cast to the game instance and update the bool variable.

Also it is important to note that the values of the variables inside the game instance will be persistent throughout the game but not game sessions meaning if you close the game and run it again the values will be lost.

Actually Ima Watch That lol

IT Doesnt Even Talk About Boolean, Stop Recommending The Wrong Videos

How Do We Save A Bool Then Reference It In Other Level BPs And Ultimately Have This Connection Of Working Save Files… Uhh

You’ve done it again. This isn’t an answer to the question.