Resolved post hidden after Resolved

Could we at least be able to read the solutions without being able to reply?

I think you can click the pencil and take a look, no?

Where? I was following this post before it was resolved. It’s marked for 5 unread posts but won’t let me see or even mark as seen.

Yes, that’s not right, eh?..

It’s like that only for resolved posts on both phone and pc… so my guess it has something to do with my account… :roll_eyes:

It doesn’t work for me either…

This new site policy then?

What’s the point?

I am certain this is a bug/oversight, not an intentional change

Yea, it’s got to be a temporary configuration problem.

I can see Resolved Posts on the Forum app for Mac.

This is certainly not intended behavior. I’m reporting this to Discourse and we’ll hopefully be able to sort it shortly!

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Looks like this has been fixed—are you all able to view the Resolved posts as expected?


Issue is fixed for me

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Fixed for me too… Thanks

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