[Resolved] Player start not working

Hello, I am a beginner in development, and I am currently working on my first real project, and I am facing a problem: The “player start” no longer work, so my character appears at the location of my point of view in the viewport. I just created my character and his blueprint,
but I do not think I touched Gamemode or Playercontroller.

I did not find a solution, sorry if it’s just a lack of research


well, if you are talking about in editor previews, there is an option in the play settings that says
“Spawn player at…” “Current Camera Location” vs. “Default Player Start”.

Or maybe your player start actor is overlapping some geometry. Look for any “Bad size” sign in the player start icon.
There is an option in the actor class, that prevents spawning on collision. Look for “Spawn Collision Handling”.

Good Luck.


Okay, that’s it, thank you very much !