[RESOLVED] Pass Boolean value from one blueprint into another

I want to use the value of a boll variable on my HUD bluprint into an actor blueprint, But I don’t know an easy way to pass the value of that variable, can someone please show me examples on how to do this? thanks

In your game mode create your hud and in the other bp put in all actions for this Nlueprint (get all actors of class) see the photho xD


I odn’t think this will work, I can not create display hud buttons on the game mode BP, and I can not “target” the boolean that I want the value (if true or false) neither, it would be so easy if they have added a node “get variable of widget”

Create anew gamemode maning

see this video but in calses create a hud no playe controller

hmm… ?

get player controller → Get hud > cast to 'yourhudblueprint; > get the bool variable “as yourhudblueprint”

That was exactly what I was looking for, it’s incredible how you let something so easy like that pass when you are stressed, I was looking for this for like 4 days, thank you so much, really!
And thank you to RJVM, you helped me too!

No Problem man :slight_smile: