[Resolved] Multiplayer Projectile Makes Move Hit Player

Hi guys! I have this problem: when a projectile hit a player, this one reacts to the physic of the projectile and jump away of some meters… sometimes the player is thrown! Even if i disabled physic simulation, the problem persists. I only want that the projectile hit the player, without apllying any force… how to do that?

Hi man,
i thin Physics only works on who is “enabled” to react to physics.
If you take a look at the fps template, you can shoot bullet to boxes (physics enabled) and they bounce away.
But you cant apply any force to the wall-level (physics not enabled) and so the bullet bounce away cause of the collision but cant apply any force to the wall.
If you char and bullett are correctly made, this should not happenz.

Is your bullet appllying force by blueprint or just components?

Hi mate,
currently the bullet doesn’t apply any force. When it hits a physic actor, this neither simulate physoc cause i disabled everything about physic in bullet actor. I suppose I’m in front of a collision problem. In addition, I can tell you that rarely the bullet makes the player jump over itself. So the player is above the bullet and follows the bullet trajectory since the player and the bullet are now (I can say) a unique body…

Show us your projectile set up. I work with projectiles a lot and have never come across this type of interaction.



The only component that should have any collision is the “Sphere”. Sim generates hits doesn’t need to be ticked… On Component Hit (Sphere) will still work.

Projectile Movement Component should be the Root … No scene component is needed.

OK i tested it for 2 minutes after disabling the collisions for the mesh and disabling Sim generates hit. The problem seems to be not more persistent…!


You can get better results and more accurate hit detection if you ignore the player capsule. Only register hits on the pawn mesh.